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Exposed The Racist Supremacist Jews

Saturday, July 25, 2009



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Jew (Federal Reserve) Banks:

Jew (Federal Reserve) Banks:

Secrets of the Federal Reserve, Eustace Mullins
For More: >>>>>>

The Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve Racket
For More: >>>>>>>

Chart of who "owns" the Federal Reserve
For More: >>>>>>

Any President that Would Dare Oppose The Federal Reserve Gets Assassinated
For More: >>>>>>>

Illuminati Murdered At Least Two Other Presidents
For More: >>>>>>>

The Moneychangers – the Greatest Scam Ever
For More: >>>>>>>

The "Jewish" Conspiracy is British Imperialism
For More: >>>>>>>

The Money Changers: The Federal Reserve, Robbery by Deceit
For More: >>>>>>

The Rothschild Bloodline
For More: >>>>>>>

The Trail of Blood
For More: >>>>>>>

Why The British Assassinate U.S. Presidents (Part 1)
For More: >>>>>>>

Why The British Assassinate U.S. Presidents (Part 2)
For More: >>>>>>>


A Brief History of Banking
For More: >>>>>>>

A History of Money and Banking Secrets That Banks Dont Want Published
For More: >>>>>>

Analysts are scratching their heads, leading some to ask whether gold is being manipulated.
For More: >>>>>>>

*Banking & federal reserve
A Brief History of Banking As time passed, the goldsmiths began
to issue receipts for specific values of gold, making buying and
selling easier still. The smiths' receipts thus became the first
banknotes. The goldsmiths, now fledgling bankers, noticed that at any
one time only a small proportion of the gold held with them was being
withdrawn. So they hit upon the idea of issuing more of the receipt
notes themselves, notes that did not refer to any actual deposited wealth.

*How Banks Work Why do we feel better about having our money in a
bank than we do having it under a mattress? Is it just the fact that
they pay interest on some of our accounts? Is it because we know that
if we have the cash in our pockets we'll spend it?

*Controlling the world's monetary system the bank for
international settlements While the Federal Reserve is a private
corporation, it is also one of the owners of the Bank for
International Settlements-BIS which America helped establish in 1930.

*Proof of the Banking Conspiracy A Message from the Past Every
dollar printed by a bank requires a payment of interest in return.
Before the Federal Reserve printed the money, private banks were given
charters to print the money - these private banks have always been
paid interest.

Proof! "World Government" is a Banker Ruse
For More: >>>>>>>

For More: >>>>>>>

*The Federal Reserve and the National Debt The process is
repeated over and over, with "hard" assets pledged as collateral for
these "loans". Thus, it starts with "no money" and ends up with
houses, cars, land, silver, gold...real assets...and all it took was
some ink, some paper, and the cooperation of Congress.

*The Federal Reserve is Privately owned The FED began with
approximately 300 people or banks that became owners (stockholders
purchasing stock at $100 per share - the stock is not publicly traded)
in the Federal Reserve Banking System. They make up an international
banking cartel of wealth beyond comparison.

*The "Jewish" Conspiracy is British Imperialism The real villains
are at the heart of our economic and cultural life. They are the
dynastic families who own the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve
and associated cartels. They also control the World Bank and IMF.

*The united states Of America is a corporation owned by foreign
interests "It was also a strategic maneuver by British and European
interests (international bankers) intent on gaining a stranglehold on
the coffers of America. And, because Congress knew our country was in
dire financial straits, certain members of Congress cut a deal with
the international bankers.

*United states of America History and international bankers
history The International Banking House of Rothschild had already
gained controlling influence over France and England by the early
1800's and was extending it's influence into the newly independent
United States through their agents, notably Alexander Hamilton from
New York.

*Canada's Central Bank Scam Prime Minister Paul Martin's Badly
Kept Secret

*Fed and the world Government

*There are Alternatives to Free Market Capitalism!

*Questions & Answers Global Credit Crunch and wider implications

Death of the dollar
For More: >>>>>>

End The Federal Reserve Bank

Fed Magician Digs Deep in Bag of Tricks , BY CHRIS PETHERICK
For More: >>>>>>

For More: >>>>>>

`Free Traitors' Blamed for U.S. Financial Collapse, By Alejandro Lichauco
For More: >>>>>>>

Knock Out: CNBC Confirms Lehman CEO Punched at Gym
For More: >>>>>>>

London Banking Center at Core of Financial Crisis
For More: >>>>>>

Moneychangers Destroying America—And Christians Don't See It
For More: >>>>>>

President Andrew Jackson killed the very first central bank.
For More: >>>>>>>

Ron Paul: Printing Money Only Prolongs The Pain
For more: >>>>>>>

Ron Paul Again Covers for the Jewish Bankers and Lies to the American People
For more: >>>>>>>

The Crimes of Wall Street: What Are We Going to Do Before Its Too Late?
For More: >>>>>>

The Federal Reserve Fraud and the "Invisible Government"
For More: >>>>>>

The Federal Reserve Is A PRIVATELY OWNED Corporation , By Thomas D. Schauf
For More: >>>>>>

The Federal Reserve needs more than a new communications strategy
For More: >>>>>>

The "Peak Oil" International Banking Scam
For More: >>>>>>

The Jewish Mafia & Their USA Bankers
For More: >>>>>>
For More: >>>>>>>

Trillions of dollars for the International Jewish Bankers…
Zero for America’s Auto industry and 10 million American employees.
For More: >>>>>>>

US financial crisis causes spike in online anti-Semitism: monitor
For More: >>>>>>>

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Jew Cable News:

Jew Cable News:
Jew Talking Heads.

For More: >>>>>>>

For More: >>>>>>>

For More: >>>>>>>

  • ABC Male Jew or not Jew?
    Robert A. Iger (pic)
    CEO in The Walt Disney Company

    Aaron Katersky (Jew) ?
    Bill Blakemore
    Bill Redeker
    Bill Weir (Jew) ?
    Bob Woodruff
    Brian Ross (Jew) ?
    Charles Gibson
    Chris Cuomo
    Dan Harris

    Dan Kloeffler ? (pic)

    David Kerley
    David Martin (Jew) ?
    David Muir (Jew)

    David Westin ? (pic)
    Its current president of ABC.

    David Wright
    Dean Reynolds
    Eric Horng
    Geoff Morrell
    George Stephanopoulos
    Jake Tapper
    Jeff Gottlieb ? ( no pic)
    Jeffrey Kofman (Jew) ?
    Jeremy Hubbard
    Jim Avila
    Jim Sciutto
    John Berman (Jew) ?
    John Cochran (Jew) ?
    John McKenzie

    John Seigenthaler (pic)

    John Stossel
    Jonathan Karl
    Kevin Chupka

    Kudlow ? (pic)

    Matt Lauer (pic)

    Matt Stewart
    Miguel Marquez
    Neal Karlinsky
    Nick Watt

    Peter Greenberg (pic)

    Pierre Thomas

    Robert Bazell ? (pic)

    Ron Dahler
    Ron Claiborne
    Ryan Owens
    Sam Champion
    Sam Donaldson
    Simon McGregor-Wood
    Steve Osunami
    Timothy Johnson

    Ted Koppel (pic)
    ABC Former

    Terry McCarthy
    TJ Winick ? ( no pic)
    Wilf Dinnick (Jew) ?

  • ABC Female Jew or not Jew?
    Andrea Canning

    Andrea Koppel (pic)

    Barbara Pinto

    Barbara Walter (pic)

    Becky Worley
    Betsy Stark
    Bianna Golodryga
    Carla Wohl
    Cat Deeley
    Christianne Klein
    Claire Shipman
    Clarissa Ward
    Deborah Roberts
    Diane Sawyer
    Elizabeth Vargas
    Elisabeth Leamy

    Ellen Degeneres (pic)

    Eloise Harper
    Erin Hayes
    Gigi Stone
    Gloria Riviera (Jew) ?
    Hilary Brown
    Jackie Hyland
    Jan Crawford Greenburg (Jew)
    Joohee Cho
    Juju Chang
    Karen Travers
    Kate Snow
    Lama Hasan
    Laura Marquez
    Linsey Davis (Jew)
    Lisa Fletcher (Jew) ?
    Lisa Myer ( no pic)
    Lisa Stark
    Liz Marlantes
    Martha Raddatz
    Marti Johnson
    Mary Fulginiti
    Merry Miller
    Marysol Castro
    Maya Kulycky
    Nicole Collins
    Robin Roberts
    Rachel Martin
    Sharyn Alfonsi
    Sonya Crawford
    Sophie Conover
    Sunlen Miller
    Stephanie Sy
    Taina Hernandez
    Tanya Rivero
    Vinita Nair
    Viviana Hurtado

    Whoopi Goldberg (pic)

    Yunji de Nies

  • Bloomberg Male Jew or not Jew?
    Al Hunt
    Alan Dodd Frank (Jew)
    Andreas Scholz
    Andy Cinko
    Arnold Gay
    Bernard Lo
    Bill Dorman
    Bob Bowdon
    Brennan Lothery
    Brett Gering
    Carlos Torres
    Chris Burns
    Christoph Schupp
    Darren Boey
    David Wilson
    Elliott Gotkine
    Eric Balchunas
    Erik Schatzker
    Gene Otani
    Greg Miles
    Jeremy Naylor
    John Dawson
    Lane Bajardi
    John Conolly
    Jon Erlichman
    Malcom Scott
    Mark Barton
    Mark Crumpton
    Matt Miller
    Michael McKee
    Mike Buteau
    Mike Firn
    Mike Schneider
    Nigel Stevenson
    Paul George
    Paul Gordon
    Peter Cook
    Phillipp Encz
    Pimm Fox
    Richard Jordan
    Rishaad Salamat
    Sean Evers
    Stephen Engle
    Will McSheehy

  • Bloomberg Female Jew or not Jew?
    Angeline Ong
    Ashley Morrison
    Betty Liu
    Camila Fontana Correa
    Carmen Roberts
    Carol Massar
    Catherine King
    Cathy Yang
    Christina Soon
    Courtney Donohoe
    Cris Valerio
    Dareen Abughaida
    Deborah Kostroun
    Deirdre Bolton
    Ellen Braitman
    Ellen Pinchuk
    Francine Lacqua
    Haslinda Amin
    Janine Zacharia
    Josie Ling
    Judy Woodruff
    Julie Hyman
    June Grasso
    Kae Inoue
    Kathleen Hays
    Kyoko Suzuki
    Laura Lee
    Lori Rothman
    Lindsey Arent
    Linzie Janis
    Lisa Leiter
    Lizzie O'Leary
    Maithreyi Seetharaman
    Margaret Popper
    Marie-Louise Moller
    Mariko Yasu
    Michelle Makori
    Michele Steele
    Monica Bertran
    Naga Munchetty
    Nina de Roy
    Patricia Hidalgo
    Patricia Lui
    Rebecca McLaughlin-Duane
    Rhonda Schaffler
    Rita Nazareth
    Samantha Brown
    Sarah Kelly
    Sara Walker
    Scarlet Fu
    Shobi Pereira
    Su Keenan
    Susan Li
    Suzanne O'Halloran
    Suzy Assaad
    Zahra Burton

  • CBS Male Jew or not Jew?.
    Troy Roberts
    Ed Bradley
    Bob Schieffer
    Harry Smith
    Armen Keteyian
    Trent Copeland
    Charlie D'Agata
    Mark Phillips
    Bill Plante
    Daniel Sieberg
    Randall Pinkston
    Jim Axelrod
    Steve Dunlop
    Russ Mitchell
    Richard Schlesinger
    Byron Pitts
    John Blackstone
    Ed Crane
    Mark Strassmann
    Bob Orr
    Dan Raviv
    Wyatt Andrews
    Hari Sreenivasan
    Ray Martin
    Anthony Mason
    Allen Pizzey
    Andrew Cohen
    Dave Price
    Jeff Greenfield
    Jeff Glor
    Jason Bellini
    Itay Hod
    Matthew Felling
    Martin Seemungal
    Dan Dierdorf
    Chip Reid
    Paul Lombardi
    Tony Maciulis
    Andy Rooney
    Steve Chaggaris

  • CBS Female Jew or not Jew?.
    Julie Chen
    Kelly Cobiella
    Nancy Cordes
    Sharyl Attkisson
    Katie Couric
    Pauline Chiou
    Cynthia Bowers
    Chagmion Antoine
    Rene Syler
    Michelle Gielan
    Sandra Hughes
    Lara Logan
    Sheila MacVicar
    Tracy Smith
    Serena Altschul
    Alexis Christoforous
    Bianca Solorzano
    Maggie Rodriguez
    Elizabeth Palmer
    Meg Oliver
    Rita Braver
    Susan Roberts
    Michelle Miller
    Erin Moriarty
    Teri Okita
    Joie Chen
    Debbye Turner
    Pam Falk
    Kathryn Brown
    Thalia Assuras
    Dr. Emily Senay
    Stacey Tisdale
    Claire Leka
    Aleen Sirgany
    Alison Harmelin
    Kelly Wallace
    Hattie Kauffman
    Jennifer Miller
    Gwen Belton
    Sam Ryan
    Karen Brown
    Celia Hatton
    Susan Koeppen
    Kimberly Dozier
    Andrea Stassou
    Priya David
    Lucy Craft
    Lesley Visser
    Susan McGinnis

    Les Moonves (pic)
    CEO of CBS.

    Mike Wallace (pic)

  • CNN Male Jew or not Jew?
    Clark Howard (pic)

    Larry King (pic)

    Wolf Blitzer (pic)

    Ted Rowlands
    Sanjay Gupta
    Anderson Cooper
    Jason Carroll
    John Vause
    Rob Marciano
    Miles O'Brien
    Fred Katayama
    Jack Cafferty
    Larry King
    Rick Sanchez
    Lou Dobbs
    Wolf Blitzer (Jew)
    Jonathan Mann
    Aaron Brown
    John King
    Fred Buckley
    Richard Quest (Jew)
    Tony Harris
    Alphonso Van Marsh
    Jamie McIntyre
    Chad Myers (Jew)
    Joe Johns
    Eric Philips
    Drew Griffin
    Ed Lavandera
    Nic Robertson
    Sean Callebs
    Gary Tuchman
    Andy Serwer
    Jim Boulden
    Richard Roth (Jew)
    Hugh Riminton
    Frank Buckley
    Allan Chernoff (Jew)
    Adrian Finighan
    Harris Whitbeck
    Chris Plante
    David Ensor (Jew)
    Bob Franken (Jew)

  • CNN Female Jew or not Jew?
    Abbie Boudreau
    Alina Cho
    Campbell Brown
    Veronica De La Cruz
    Susan Lisovicz
    Mary Snow
    Darby Dunn
    Julie Cevene
    Catherine Callaway
    Hala Gorani
    Brenda Bernard
    Victoria Clarke
    Ines Ferre
    Patty Davis
    Christy Feig
    Sasha Salama
    Betty Nguyen
    Kimberly Osias
    Lisa Sylvester
    Randi Kaye
    Jill Dougherty
    Sumi Das
    Monita Rajpal
    Jennifer Eccleston
    Jacqui Jeras
    Bonnie Schneider
    Melissa Long
    Fionnula Sweeney
    Jacki Schechner
    Delia Gallagher
    Paula Newton
    Abbi Tatton
    Shasta Darlington
    Becky Diamond
    Colleen McEdwards
    Jeannie Moos
    Kyung Lah
    Kareen Wynter
    Susan Roesgen
    Katherine Barrett
    Jen Rogers
    Valerie Morris
    Sasha Johnson
    Sarah Galashan
    Arwa Damon
    Monica McNeal
    Rusty Dornin
    Octavia Nasr
    Jeanne Yurman
    Denise Quan
    Amanda Rosseter
    Robyn Curnow
    Rosemary Church
    Lola Ogunnaike
    Tara Mergener
    Candy Reid
    Elizabeth Cohen
    Maggie Lake
    Sohn Jie-Ae
    Thelma Gutierrez
    Jane King
    Asieh Namdar
    Virginia Cha
    Isha Sesay
    Kara Finnstrom
    Elizabeth Manresa
    Jessica Yellin
    Emily Chang
    Sandra Endo
    Felicia Taylor
    Poppy Harlow
    Naamua Delaney
    Louise Schiavone
    Brooke Baldwin
    Kate Bolduan
    Natasha Curry
    Natisha Lance
    Tami Luhby
    Atia Abawi
    Erica Hill
    * Jill Brown
    * Rym Brahimi
    * Orelon Sidney
    * Rula Amin
    * Carol Lin

  • CSPAN.

  • ESPN Male Jew or not Jew?
    Aaron Goldhammer
    Allen Bestwick
    Allen Hopkins
    Andrew Marchand
    Anish Shroff
    Bill Walton
    Bob Holtzman
    Bob Lee
    Brad Daugherty
    Bram Weinstein
    Bruce Feldman
    Brian Kenny
    Buck Showalter
    Buster Olney
    Chris Berman
    Chris Carter
    Chris Fowler
    Chris Mortensen
    Chris Singleton
    Chris Spielman
    D.J. Gallo
    David Lloyd
    Dari Nowkhah
    Darren Lyn
    Darren Woodson
    Dave Burns
    Desmond Howard
    Doug Gottlieb
    Emmitt Smith
    Eric Allen
    Floyd Reese
    George Smith
    Hank Goldberg
    Howard Bryant
    J.W. Stewart
    James Hasty
    Jay Crawford
    Jay Harris
    Jeff Dickerson
    Jeremy Schaap
    Jesse Palmer
    Joe Schad
    John Anderson
    John Barr
    John Buccigross
    John Clayton
    John Kruk
    John Saunders
    John Seibel
    Jonathan Coachman
    Josh Elliott
    Karl Ravech
    Keith Lipscomb
    Kevin Connors
    Kevin Negandhi
    Keyshawn Johnson
    Kirk Herbstreit
    Kordell Stewart
    Lou Holtz
    Marcellus Wiley
    Mark May
    Mark Morgan
    Mark Schlereth
    Marty Smith
    Matt Winer
    Matthew Berry
    Mel Kiper, Jr.
    Merril Hoge
    Michael Kay
    Michael Kim
    Michael Smith
    Michael Wilbon
    Mike Ditka
    Mike Golic
    Mike Greenberg
    Mike Hill
    Mike Lupica
    Mike Massaro
    Nate Ravitz
    Neil Everett
    Pat Forde
    Qadry Ismail
    R.J. Choppy
    Ray Evernham
    Rece Davis
    Ric Bucher
    Rob Neyer
    Robert Flores
    Ron Jaworski
    Rusty Wallace
    Ryan Burr
    Sal Paolantonio
    Scott Van Pelt
    Shaun Assael
    Shaun King
    Skip Bayless
    Stan Verrett
    Steve Berthiaume
    Steve Bunin
    Steve Levy
    Steve Mason
    Steve Young
    Stuart Scott
    Tim Brewer
    Tim Hasselbeck
    Tim Kurkjian
    Tim Legler
    Todd McShay
    Tom Jackson
    Tony Kornheiser
    Trevor Matich
    Scott Reiss
    Stephen A. Smith
    Will Selva

  • ESPN Female Jew or not Jew?
    Adriana Monsalve
    Amy Nelson
    Angelique Chengelis
    Bonnie Bernstein
    Cheryl Liew
    Chris McKendry
    Cindy Brunson
    Colleen Dominguez
    Dana Jacobson
    Erin Andrews
    Genevieve Chappell
    Georgie Bingham
    Hannah Storm
    Holly Rowe
    Jamie Little
    Jeannine Edwards
    Jemele Hill
    Julie Foudy
    Linda Cohn
    Lisa Guerrero
    Lisa Salters
    Marlo Klain
    Michelle Bonner
    Michele LaFountain
    Michele Tafoya
    Nicole Manske
    Rachel Nichols
    Reischea Canidate
    Sage Steele
    Sarah Kustok
    Shannon Spake
    Shelley Smith
    Stacey Dales
    Stephania Bell
    Suzy Kolber
    Wendi Nix

  • Fox Male Jew or not Jew?

    Brian Kilmeade
    Steve Doocy
    William La Jeunesse
    Doug Luzader
    Shepard Smith
    Sean Hannity
    Alan Colmes
    Dan Springer
    Brit Hume
    Bill O'Reilly
    Geraldo Rivera
    Gregg Jarrett
    Julian Phillips
    Dave Briggs
    Jonathan Serrie
    Wendell Goler
    Andrew Napolitano
    Greg Palkot
    Bret Baier
    Bill McCuddy
    Dominic Waghorn
    Jim Angle
    Kelly Wright
    Mike Emanuel
    John Gibson
    Jon Scott
    Andrew Levy
    Bill Schulz
    Mike Tobin
    Steph Watts
    James Rosen
    Steve Brown
    Trace Gallagher
    Jonathan Hunt
    Rick Leventhal
    Brian Wilson
    Major Garrett
    Todd Connor
    David Folk Thomas

    David Lee Miller
    Adam Housley
    Rick Folbaum
    Bill Hemmer
    Steve Harrigan
    Casey Stegall
    Greg Gutfeld
    Clayton Morris
    Greg Burke
    James Brown
    Steve Centanni
    Greg Milam
    Craig Rivera
    Mike Straka
    Eric Shawn
    Oliver North
    John Kasich
    Kris Gutierrez
    Dana Lewis
    Chris Wallace
    Chris Wallace
    Doug Kennedy
    Cal Thomas
    David Piper
    Orlando Salinas
    Andrew Stack
    Phil Keating
    Erik Liljegren
    Lou Aguirre
    Ian Woods
    Martin Brunt
    Bob Novak
    Neil Sean
    Carl Cameron
    Rick Reichmuth
    David MacDougall
    Justin Wells
    Craig Boswell

    Bob Sellers
    Tiki Barber
    Chris Knowles
    Robert Gray
    Peter Barnes
    Ashley Webster
    Neil Cavuto
    Ray Hennessey
    Jeff Flock
    Adam Shapiro
    Stuart Varney
    David Asman
    Connell McShane
    Dave Ramsey
    Cody Willard
    Tom Sullivan
    Rich Edson
    Dominic Di-Natale
    Brian Sullivan
    Mark Lieberman
    Chris Cotter
    Dunstan Prial
    Gavin Grey

    Rupert Murdock (pic)

    Allen Colmes (pic)

    Bret Bair ? ( no pic)

    Cal Thomas ? (pic)

    Charles Krauthammer (pic)

    Chris Wallace (pic)

    Fred Barnes ? (pic)

    Geraldo Rivera (pic)

    John Scott ? (pic)

    Maury Povich (pic)

    Morton Kondracke (pic)

  • Fox Female Jew or not Jew?

    John Seigenthaler
    Peter Alexander
    Rob Morrison
    Dan Abrams
    Lester Holt
    Keith Olbermann
    Chris Matthews
    David Gregory
    Martin Fletcher
    Jeff Zucker
    Fred Roggin
    Alan Abrahamson
    Len Berman
    Michael Okwu
    Richard Engel
    Willie Geist
    Chris Hansen
    Pat Buchanan
    Jeff Ranieri
    Peter Greenberg
    Brian Williams
    Joe Scarborough
    Don Teague
    Matt Lauer
    Mark Potter
    Preston Mendenhall
    Chuck Todd
    Al Roker
    Ron Mott
    Lt. Col. Rick Francona
    Ron Allen
    Mike Taibbi
    Tucker Carlson
    Martin Savidge
    David Shuster
    Mark Mullen
    Kerry Sanders
    Tim Russert
    Tom Brokaw
    Tom Aspell
    Mike Boettcher
    Jim Maceda
    Jim Popkin
    Kevin Corke
    Pete Williams
    Kevin Tibbles
    George Lewis
    Ron Blome
    Mario Solis
    Dan Kloeffler
    Tom Costello
    Ian Williams
    Bill Karins
    Mike Viqueira
    Bill Seward
    Tony Potts
    Pat Dawson
    Jay Gray
    Tony Maciulis
    Willard Scott
    Keith Miller
    Billy Bush
    Gary Archibald
    Charles Hadlock
    Bob Sullivan
    Jim Miklaszewski
    Ned Colt
    Robert Bazell
    John Yang
    Jay Barbree
    Todd Santos
    John Larson
    Ali Arouzi
    Mark Murray
    Lee Cowan
    Brendan O'Melia
    Brian Mooar
    Raphael Miranda
    * Larry Mullins
    * Chris Whitcomb
    * Jim Bruton
    * Johnnie Cochran
    * Jerry Nachman
    * Hanson Hosein
    * Roger Downey
    * Sid Rosenberg
    * Jesse Ventura
    * Jim Cummins
    * David Bloom
    * Lawrence O'Donnell
    * Jack Chesnutt
    * Preston Mendenhall
    * James Hattori
    * Thomas Bonfield
    * Charles Sabine

    Mika Brzezinski
    Wendy Woolfolk
    Jennifer Johnson
    Christina Brown
    Jill Rappaport
    Brooke Hart
    Sara James
    Jean Chatzky
    Marisa Buchanan
    Stephanie Stanton
    Jane Watrel
    María Celeste Arrarás
    Stephanie Gosk
    Janice Lieberman
    Lisa Myers
    Patty Culhane
    Andrea Kremer
    Leslie Dodson
    Jamie Gangel
    Britta Merwin
    Tanya Benenson
    Clare Duffy
    * Sarah Hughes
    * Shellee Smith
    * Colette Cassidy
    * Connie Chung
    * Christy Musumeci
    * Melissa Stark
    * Rosiland Jordan
    * MSNBC Political Imbeds
    * Karen Nye
    * Jane Hanson
    * Jennifer Coggiola
    * Patricia Sabga
    * Jennifer London
    * Lisa Daniels

    Alan Abrahamson

    Bill Seward ?

    Chuck Todd (pic)

    Dan Abrams

    Dan Kloeffler

    David Shuster

    George Lewis

    Gregory David ? (pic)

    Fred Roggin ?

    Jerry Nachman

    Len Berman

    Jeff Zucker (pic)
    CEO of NBC Universal.

    Jim Maceda ?

    John Seigenthaler

    Keith Oberman (pic)

    Mario Solis ?

    Mark Murray ?

    Martin Fletcher

    Martin Savidge

    Matt Lauer

    Mike Taibbi ?

    Ned Colt ?

    Peter Alexander ?

    Peter Greenberg

    Roger Downey ?

    Ron Allen

    Seth Meyer

    Sid Rosenberg

    Tom Aspell

    Andrea Mitchell (pic)

    Rachel Maddow ? (pic)

    Donny Deutsch (pic) CNBC Former

  • TRU Male Jew or not Jew?
    Fred Graham
    Jack Ford

  • TRU Female Jew or not Jew?
    Amanda Grove
    Ashleigh Banfield
    Beth Karas
    Catherine Crier
    Jami Floyd
    Jean Casarez
    Kimberly Guilfoyle
    Lisa Bloom
    Lisa Sweetingham
    Nancy Grace
    Rikki Klieman
    Star Jones

  • Others Male.
    PAULA KERGER ? (pic)

    Bill Moyer (pic)

    Charlie Rose (pic)

    Jim Lehrer ? (pic)

    Matin savidge ( no pic)
    World focus

    Joan River (pic)

    Joel Stein (pic)
    LA Times

    John Stewart (pic)
    John Stewart Show

    Lisa Bloom (pic)
    Court TV

    Mike Bettes ? (pic)
    Weather channel

    Stephanie Abrams ? (pic)
    Weather channel

  • Others Female.

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    Friday, July 10, 2009

    Jew (AIPAC) Lobby:

    Jew (AIPAC) Lobby:

    36 Jews who have shaped the 2008 U.S. election
    For More: >>>>>>>

    AIPAC Hijack: With Friends Like These…
    For More: >>>>>>

    AIPAC Policies Supporting Militarism & Occupation,Opposing Human Rights
    For More: >>>>>>

    AIPAC 'Spy' Trial Delayed Again
    For More: >>>>>>,2933,280172,00.html

    America’s Jewish Lobby holding back a Tide of Oil. Neo-Lefties using ‘Wars for Oil’ to cover up ‘Wars for the Jews’.
    For More: >>>>>>

    British Academics and Professionals Demand Investigation of Israel Lobby in UK
    For More: >>>>>>

    Crimes and Felonies: The AIPAC Spy Story
    For More: >>>>>>

    Feds to Appeal Ruling in AIPAC Case
    For More: >>>>>>

    Freeman Points At 'Powerful, Lobby' (Guess Who?)
    For More: >>>>>>

    How Mossad Controls Our Political Parties
    For More: >>>>>>>

    How the Israel lobby has played the Democrats for fools
    For More: >>>>>>

    Israel Lobby Slammed at Start of Book Tour
    For More: >>>>>>;sid=2007/9/7/103328/2618

    Israelis and their supporters tend to depict Israel as a country of miracles.
    For More: >>>>>>

    Lobbying for a foreign country
    For More: >>>>>>

    Lobbying - Zionist Money In Washington The Zionist Machine
    For More: >>>>>>

    Massive Zionist Slush Fund Used To Influence Presidential Election
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    Political Realignment Sparks Debate on Impact for Jewish Power
    For More: >>>>>>

    President Barack Obama and AIPAC
    For More: >>>>>>>

    Rabbis call on US Jews to vote
    For More: >>>>>>,7340,L-3498489,00.html

    Rupert Murdoch and William Kristol: Using the Press to Advance Israel's Interests
    For More: >>>>>>>

    The Israeli lobby and the endless wars: Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and upcoming war on
    For More: >>>>>>

    The Israel Lobby, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt
    For More >>>>>>>

    Where Did AIPAC Come From? HELL?
    For More: >>>>>>

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